Monday, April 4, 2011

Sony prepares performance computer table Honeycomb

Japan's Nikkei Times recently quoted the CEO of Sony CEO Howard Stringer said the first tablet PCs running its Android 3.0 will be on shelves in late summer.

 Finally, the race on the tablet PC market with exciting "the pioneer" is Apple iPad will also have the participation of Sony - a slow start. According to Nikkei, Sony will sell its tablet PC in the U.S. market first.
This information also coincides with rumors in September next, electronics firms in Japan will launch the tablet "S1" Tegra chip uses two certified capital can help users experience the game play Play Station. Tablet has 9.4 inch screen and a unique folding design.
Seems like Sony is making users "dizzy" because a rival has just partner with Apple. Yesterday the company's CEO had "missed his mouth" Apple will reveal the use of the Sony image sensor in the iPhone 5.
Today, Sony has confirmed with AV Watch page that it will release tablet later this year. However, do not know if this is planned to debut in the Japanese domestic market or are words of correction after Sony CEO "small mouth" disclosure.  

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