Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dollar Stores can List their Business on DeclareMedia

DeclareMedia has created a new way for dollar stores to get more business by using their local internet directory. Creating a local listing with DeclareMedia is free unless businesses want to be featured on the homepage. If they want their business to be featured on the homepage, it’s only $20.00 per month it can help bring even more traffic to their site.
DeclareMedia has a new way to make it easy for dollar stores by using local online directories so they can find more business. If anyone searches for Hawaii Dollar Stores, DeclareMedia’s got a directory for that. If someone wants to find Ohio Dollar Stores, they’ve got a directory for that as well. DeclareMedia has over hundreds of local directories to help dollar stores get more business by using the internet. 
Dollar stores have just about everything from toys, gift wrapping, decorations, food, and so much more for under $1. Why spend so much money on items that can be sold $1 somewhere else? With the way the economy is, people are looking to save money any way they can. Shopping at a local dollar store is one easy way for people to save some money on a variety of items they may need. 
“DeclareMedia’s solution is different in a way that it is easy to use, and works well when it comes to search engine optimization,” said Ben Martin, VP Product Development, DeclareMedia.
DeclareMedia has figured out how to get good rankings for their local online directories on search engines such as Yahoo or Google, which ends up helping customers with their SEO efforts. Free listings only take a couple minutes to create and a featured placement listing takes just a minute longer, and dollar stores can gain more traffic and lead flow for their business due to the prominent placement on the homepage of the directory.
DeclareMedia plans to launch more dollar store directories in the next few weeks.
About DeclareMedia: DeclareMedia has over thousands of online, multiple directories covering hundreds of business categories ready to help businesses. The process is easy for businesses and customers to get what they both need. It’s easy and fast for businesses to list their website and more convenient for customers to find what services they need. Since the directories rank well in search engines, they help local businesses take advantage of the web to reach customers in their local area. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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