Friday, September 17, 2010

Nokia developed the 3D map service Google competition

(AP) - Phone Manufacturer parts of Finland and Navteq maps are together developing new services to compete with Google Street View. Thus, users can view 3D images of cities and towns all over the world.
According to an article on New Business, services and digital mapping company that Nokia bought the company in late 2007 - Navteq - are superior to popular search engines Google Street View Road. We service the giant map in search of new show 2D images.
Street View, launched in 2007, has been interested in the whole world thanks to technology to help people to access maps on the Internet. However, the pictures of Nokia's new service is expected to clear more and more realistic than the Street View.
Nokia's service will be built on two technologies, an optical port to create a virtual city, a different technology to pair images taken from real life.
Nokia will be boys Jiang 3D map service in Europe first.
Will Nokia's new digital map that can compete with the platform was very popular Street View Google?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to return to the heyday?

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) with nice interface, good performance and fast is the first impression of the first beta version of the latest web browser from Microsoft. Will IE 9 is helping Microsoft find on the day of his glory?
Web browser war continues to become more tense when the Microsoft browser released its latest version. After a long period indeed compared to rival Mozilla's Firefox, it seems like yesterday, day out, IE 9 was enthusiastically praised, is highly technological world. This is a rare good news from Microsoft for almost 10 years - the leverage to help the U.S. search giant back on his splendor.
The first beta of Microsoft IE9 be emphasized in processing speed and performance. In this latest browser, giants in the field of integrated software has two features SmartScreen Filter and Download Manager. SmartScreen Filter function has been fitted in the Microsoft version of IE8 to undertake the role of "firewalls" to prevent the malicious website. The integration with Download Manager feature in the browser IE9 will not need to give warnings for malicious file "famous" but only warning when a user has downloaded the file is a high risk of virus infection.

IE9 able to optimize your hardware, especially graphics cards Nvidia and AMD. Firefox Version 4 has pioneered hardware acceleration for computers and Google Chrome also is planning to add this feature.
IE9 built on Windows 7. Users can "add" Web site frequently to access the taskbar to open as necessary.