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12 exclusive accessories for iPhone

iPhone is a smartphone with a nice design, but design is not necessarily unique. "If you want your phone to look "unique" than try to refer to the article below.

Optify Update Keeps Tabs on Social Media

In the past few years, social media has taken the marketing world by storm. The use of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as advertising tools is transforming the way some companies do business and opening up new horizons in direct marketing, lead generation, and promotion. Social media, however, can also be a tricky business, with social media ROI being difficult to gauge and tie into other more traditional marketing efforts.

On Wednesday, March 30, Optify targeted that business challenge with the latest update to its SaaS real-time marketing platform. In addition to features that target keyword marketing, link management, and search engine optimization for users' sites, Optify is expanding its platform to cover a range of social media functions.
According to CEO and co-founder Brian Goffman, the traditional way that companies approach SEO isn't sufficient when it comes to social media. "The approach we're taking is different from what a lot of people have done in the past, especially in SEO, where you'd hire a consultant, get a lot of recommendations, and then try to implement those recommendations over time," he says. "But as the rules change, maybe what you'd tried worked, maybe it didn't, maybe what you were recommended to do got implemented, or not. But you really didn't get a great ROI in a lot of cases."
One of the most recent changes in the SEO rules is the use of social media in search results. According to Goffman, companies such as Google and Bing are now explicitly stating that social media plays a role in the way they rank search results. "If you have two pages and they're exactly the same number of links [and] quality of links, and one gets ‘Liked' and the other doesn't, the Liked one is going to rank higher than the non-Liked," he says. "So you're ignoring social media at your peril if your competitors are doing it."
To help companies effectively manage and gauge social media efforts, the Optify platform is gaining several new features. In addition to tracking "Likes" and sharing activity on Facebook, Optify is also adding what it calls a "Twidget" into its user dashboard. The Twidget, also called Twitter for Business, lets companies manage and track Twitter campaigns from within the Optify platform. A company can use the Twidget to control multiple Twitter accounts from a single location, as well as create and manage individual campaigns.
"If I'm doing something like a webinar that's coming up, where I have a new piece of content coming out, I can say ‘Check out the new webinar from Optify,'" says Goffman. "I can schedule this in the future, say for next week at 12:15, and then I can put it into a campaign like ‘February Webinar' and I can say post."
Beyond just sending tweets, the Twidget also gives companies insight into the impact of Twitter activity beyond the basic reporting already available from Twitter itself. By tying the basic Twitter information into the rest of the Optify platform, users can now see how many sales leads are being generated from social media. The performance of each campaign can also be tracked individually, allowing a company to determine which of its social media efforts are having the biggest impact.
Although tracking ROI can be difficult with social media services, Goffman believes that social media services, and Twitter in particular, can't be ignored. "I hear consistently from marketers, especially B2B marketers, ‘Gee, I don't know what this Twitter thing's all about,'" says Goffman. "There's no question from our experience that Twitter is a great direct marketing tool. And that's why we've invested so much in it."
Goffman also predicts that the next year is going to be a big one for social media. "I think you're going to see a big uptake in the next twelve months with direct marketers moving to social media. Particularly Twitter, more than Facebook," he says. He notes that Facebook will also be significant due to the massive audience it represents.
"Doing SEO in a vacuum," Goffman adds, "without tracking or monitoring social media is really not sufficient anymore to succeed."


Local Internet Directory From DeclareMedia Can Help Self Storage Companies

DeclareMedia is here to help over hundreds of local businesses by listing them on their new multiple online internet directories. Self Storage companies have nothing to lose by getting a free listing on DeclareMedia. However, for just $20/month they can get a featured placement listing right on the homepage.
Businesses are trying to figure out a way to maximize marketing dollars and get ahead of their competition by using the internet. DeclareMedia wants to make it easy for local self storage companies with their multiple directories so they can get more clients. Anyone that searches on major search engines such as Google for an Albuquerque Self Storage, DeclareMedia's got what they need. If anyone searches for a Dayton Self Storage, DeclareMedia's got a directory for that as well. They have over 100 directories available to start helping self storage companies get the clients by using the web.
With spring cleaning or de-junking comes a lot of boxes and items people want to put away. Businesses need a place to put supplies or old files from previous years. This is where self storage companies come in handy. Unless people have lots of storage space to put these items in their home, they need a self storage. Self storage units come in handy when there is no more room to put certain items. Whatever it may be, self storage can help organize and put away unused items.
DeclareMedia knows how to get good rankings for directories on search engines, which ends up helping customers with their SEO efforts. Listing your self storage company can be easy and works well when it comes to search engine optimization. A featured placement listing for only $20 per month can help self storage companies get even more traffic and lead flow due to the prominent placement on the homepage of the directory. It only takes a couple minutes to create a listing on the directory.
DeclareMedia wants to help more businesses by getting more self storage directories in the next few weeks.
About DeclareMedia: With the capability to manage over thousands of online directories covering hundreds of business categories, DeclareMedia has made a new and easy way for businesses to get more traffic to their site. It's even more convenient for businesses to list their website for a low cost or for free. Clients also have an easier way to find websites by searching for specific categories. Local web directories rank well in search engines and help businesses take advantage of the web to reach customers in their area. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Gaining Business Success through Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing services companies such as CMDS provide the growth and business success that companies are looking for.
More and more companies are finding business success through the use of internet marketing services. These services can be complex and require time and expert planning to implement. Even after implementation, success must be measured through analytics and the plan's implementation adjusted as needed. This is why it is important the business hires a company that specializes in internet marketing services
What are Internet Marketing Services?
Put simply, companies that can provide internet marketing services understand how to use the latest online strategies and best practices to establish a positive web presence and high online visibility for a business. When a professional web services company first meets with a business, they will work to understand what the business is all about and what the goals of the business include. From that information, the web services company can develop an internet marketing services strategy to reach those goals.
The internet marketing services a web-focused company would utilize for success could include a website redesign that is more user friendly, search engine optimization (SEO) so the website is more search engine friendly or e-mail marketing to keep customers up to date on the latest offerings and news from the business. As each business is different, the internet marketing services a web-focused company will develop for maximum industry penetration and online success.
Internet Marketing Services Success
What determines internet marketing services success will vary from business to business. When a web services company first begins to work with a business, what defines success will need to be identified through the goals first discussed. Oftentimes, success will be increased sales or customers. However, for some companies, internet marketing services success could include increasing brand awareness and identity or developing a strong e-mail list for newsletter marketing. These goals can be analyzed throughout the online marketing program's process through different tools to make sure the program is working properly and make any adjustments that may be needed.
An online marketing program requires much attention and analysis in order to ensure success. This can be a time consuming process. By a business deciding to work with a company that specializes in internet marketing services, the probability of the campaign's success will be greatly increased.
About CMDS:
CMDS is an award-winning full service marketing agency, web design company, and SEO agency dedicated to branding businesses. Headquartered in Middletown, NJ, CMDS has been offering superior services including website design, online advertising, 
marketing services and search engine optimization since 2001. For more information, contact Christopher Mulvaney at (732) 706-5555 or visit the company’s web site at

How To Select Keywords For SEO? [Marketing Tips For Startups

For a startup with any sort of online presence, it’s critical to be found by Google. Search Engine Optimization, being ‘free’, lets you optimize your site to be found by Google [More about the basics of SEO here ].
This article is about a key issue startups confront once they decide to do SEO – what keywords to pick?
How do you decide what keywords do you do SEO for? Do you shoot in the dark, and come up with a best-guess of what might be the best keywords for your business?
Do you pick keywords with the highest search volumes? What if these keywords happen to give you very low conversion rates? What if they are highly competitive? How do you prioritize the various keywords you can pick?
One way to figure out the best possible SEO-keywords is to run an SEM campaign(using Google Adwords) for some time, so you can get a sense of what the most profitable keywords are.
(actual keywords have been masked).
You can rank keywords by their cost-per-conversion. This factors in intensity of competition as well(as more competitive keywords will have higher costs).
This gives you a quantitative measure of exactly which keywords are going to be the most profitable for your SEO. (If it takes too long to get enough conversions, you can still rank keywords by click-through-rates or cost-per-click).
This will involve some expenditure on SEM(during the testing period), but it can save you a lot in terms of opportunity costs.s
What do you think? If you know other such tips, please share below.
[Guest article contributed by Shamanth Rao,  He blogs at]

SENuke X -- SEO Tasks Done the Smart Way

If you want to build backlinks to your website through article marketing and social bookmarking, you’re in luck, because SENuke is a brand new marketing software that will automate the entire process for you, saving you a lot of work. A few clicks with SENuke will save you hours of busy work and give you time to concentrate on other facets of your endeavor. Your productivity can get a big boost when you have such a tool in your hands. Therefore, how can SENuke help you, exactly?

The first striking feature you will notice in SENuke is the ability to create accounts automatically. Yes, you read that right; SENuke is the tool that works mart enough so you can have accounts with all of the best article directories like, the web 2.0 sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo as well as social bookmarkers like Digg and Delicious. SENuke will even get your RSS feed submissions done and set you on track with the video submission venues. Best of all, it’s all going to happen automatically; no huge pile of work for you. It can even enter a registration captcha for you. Usually when creating accounts, you have to enter a captcha that many of these sites make you do, to see if you’re human. SENuke has them handled for you so there’s no delay waiting for you to solve them. When a new account is opened on those sites, an email is sent to you for confirmation and you must click on the link enclosed in the message to verify that it is indeed you opening the account. No, not with SENuke; it does it all for you. The program creates a special email account that it can log into for you and confirm your new account, all with a click of your mouse. After you finish the initial setup, you have to start creating your content so you can submit it. With SENuke’s unique content spinning feature, you don’t have to worry about the content ever again. This means that SENuke will create several different renditions of your original copy through a process called “spinning”, which can also be submitted using the software. SENuke will automatically look at the articles, determine sections that can be spun, and turn one article into many, all without the directories thinking they’re unique. While you should spin your own articles, there are instances where you might not have time; in that case, let SENuke’s automatic spinner create the content you need for you.
As we got to see, SENuke is a superb piece of software that gives really accurate results. SENuke’s effective and exceptional characteristics will let you rule Google’s three initial pages for your selected keywords. You’ve got to have SENuke to save you from the tedium of link building and the wasted time and effort that outdated techniques cost you. However, at $127 each month, it can be pricey to maintain SENuke. Of course, Mother was right when she told you you get what you pay for. With SENuke, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

Web Profits Ranks #3 in SEO Companies in Australia by for March 2011, the independent authority on search vendors, has named the best SEO companies in Australia for March 2011. Web Profits has made it to #3 rankings based upon an in-depth review of the internet marketing service provider.
Online PR News – 30-March-2011 –The independent authority on search vendors,, has announced the best SEO Companies in Australia for March 2011. An independent research team that was assigned to the Search Engine Optimization category reviewed each applicant in order to determine the best SEO companies in Australia. Web Profits made its presence as one of the top players in the rankings for this month in a field of thousands in Australia.
An extensive review was completed and the research team evaluated the services being offered by Web Profits, an online marketing agency with specialist search engine optimization (SEO) experts who work day in day out ranking websites at the top of Google for a range of keyword phrases in various industries. Its core practice areas include Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Web Design as well as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Training Programs.
The internet is becoming more competitive day by day and in a fast changing environment, it is very easy to get lost in the online market place. Web Profits have achieved a first page ranking on Google to date for every SEO client we have worked with. This is by far their most powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution. Its SEO services are designed to help their clients grow their business fast by tying their management fee to the rankings of their most valuable keyword phrase.
Since 2006, Web Profits have come to realize that the success of their clients’ business is intricately tied into the success of their business. With that in mind, SEO is a longer term process that can take 6 or 12 months to achieve a top ranking for a very valuable keyword phrase. This means that in the early stages of SEO, their clients will need to invest in their rankings for the long term. To make it easier for their clients during this early period, Web Profits lower their monthly management fee to make it more affordable. Then, once they achieve a first page ranking for their client’s most valuable keyword phrase, their monthly management fee increases to its regular amount. The success of Web Profits is therefore intricately tied in with their clients’ business. This means that they are constantly looking for ways on how their clients can increase their success and profits online and share these with them.
These cutting edge developments in the industry have distinguished Web Profits from the ordinary and made its mark on their Top #3 position among the very best SEO Firms in Australia. Its list of major clients include Gizmo, Lube Mobile, Price Pirate, Youi and Interfaceflor. has been ranking the best internet marketing service providers since 2002. As the independent authority on search vendors they have connected thousands of businesses with internet marketing firms that have provided top notch services. Over 50,000 visitors connect with every month in search of the best. In addition to the rankings of the best internet marketing service providers, visitors to the site can find information on the latest changes within the SEO industry.

To view the complete list of the Best SEO Companies in Australia visit:
To find out more about the Top #3 SEO Firm in Australia, Web Profits, visit their profile at:

World’s Top SEO Firms for 2011

WebiMax has a different approach to search engine optimization than most companies. They have developed a core process that put in place that enables the customers to see significant improvements in their natural search engine rankings.

WebiMax SEO Process is a strategic, comprehensive process that satisfies the core principles that search engines look for when ranking a website. WebiMax process is as follows: An ethical approach to Search Engine Optimization, a proper site structure that is conducive to search engine indexing, strong, relevant content that is frequently updated and enhanced, and a comprehensive and targeted link building campaign.

Founded in 2008 by serial web entrepreneur Kenneth C. Wisnefski, WebiMax has rapidly grown to become a profitable organization that serves over 250 clients both domestically and internationally. The staff of highly skilled experts from respective fields, in which WebiMax operates, has taken a small start-up to an internationally recognized brand that has received multiple rankings and distinctions including from, the independent authority on internet marketing vendors. 

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Interview With Danny Dover, Globetrotter, Writer, SEO

In the last four years, Danny Dover moved quickly through the ranks of one of the SEO industry’s most prestigious firms. He recently left his position at SEOmoz to become senior search engine optimization manager at AT&T, where his focus is organic SEO for
Dover’s first book hit shelves in March. Last week, the 23-year-old Washington native spoke with on the telephone.

With “Search Engine Optimization Secrets,” Dover said his goal was to “level the playing field.”
“There are a lot of people who want to know about SEO, from small brick-and-mortar businesses to large corporations,” he said.
According to Dover, his book explains everything he knows about search engine optimization, including how the pros do link building, the best metrics for measuring results, how to land SEO clients and how much to charge for SEO services.
“I asked people what kind of SEO book they wanted to read,” Dover said. “No. 1, they wanted it to be actionable. No. 2, they wanted advanced knowledge.”
He admitted he doesn’t know what the future holds for the SEO industry.
“It’s a ridiculously broad topic,” Dover said. “The definition of SEO is even up for debate.”
But getting discovered today means websites must rank highly in search engines.
“It’s part popularity, part relevance,” Dover explained. “Your website has to be both popular and relevant.”
There are reports in his book that detail ways professionals conduct SEO, including an audit of an SEO site.
“You can see what it is that we were charging all this money for,” Dover said. “I learned a lot from writing those reports and now we’re distributing it to the public.”
He said his book is for beginner SEOs “who want to take it to the next level.”
Speaking to, Dover stressed the importance of engaging in white hat SEO.
“If you want these rankings to stay at the top, white hat is the way to go,” he said. “With black hat, there is a potential for getting higher rankings, but there is also a chance your entire domain could be removed from the index.”

College Dropout

Dover has come a long way since leaving the University of Washington about three years ago.
“I dropped out so I could pursue SEO full time,” he said.
That was after one of his professors used one of Dover’s articles as the basis for a test question. The professor didn’t realize the blog’s author was a student in his class.
But establishing relationships with his older colleagues hasn’t been easy.
“At first it was kind of rough just trying to get some respect,” the 23-year-old said.
Though obsessed with the Internet as a child, Dover said “at the time, I didn’t know what SEO was.”
“I certainly haven’t found a better way to study the Internet than to study SEO,” he said. “Next for me is learning more about the different channels of Internet marketing.”
So Dover is brushing up on social networking, affiliate programs and pay-per-click campaigns.

Happiness Audit

A career in SEO has allowed Dover to travel the world in his spare time, espousing his views on technology and philosophy.
“The beauty of being an SEO is that all the work I do is online,” Dover said. “All I need is an Internet connection.”
Along the way he performs regular exams of his lifestyle he calls “happiness audits.”
“It’s an audit I run through every month to decide if I’m on the path I want to go along,” Dover said.
He said he has “gained a lot from really simplifying my life.”
“Almost everything I own fits into a suitcase,” Dover said.
While Internet executives may shun the tenets of minimalism, some 23-year-olds will also ignore his advice.
“I’ve talked to a lot of very smart people about what makes them happy,” Dover said. “The pattern I saw over and over again was that it was experiences that made them happy, not possessions.”
Still, as a bachelor, he joked that “at some point there is going to be a girl who is going to completely derail my system.”

Boston SEO Web Marketing Company, Brandignity Launches New Company Website

Boston, MA-NH (1888PressRelease) March 29, 2011 - Boston based search engine marketing and optimization company, Brandignity recently re-launched their corporate website under a newly branded company name. Brandignity is owned by search engine marketing freelancer, Maciej (ma-chi) Fita who specializes in a variety of web branding elements aimed at helping online businesses increase exposure. Brandignity aims at providing unique website marketing solutions for companies large and small. It doesn't matter whether a business is a mom and pop shop just around the corner or an enterprise corporation looking for an advanced online messaging approach. Brandignity does not care about the size of the project they just get it done! For more information please visit .

Brandignity has been fortunate enough to help many growing and aspiring companies along with web entrepreneurs not only grow their search engine rankings online but significantly help increase their branding and exposure on the web as well. Brandignity puts a very strong emphasis and focus in helping clients not only attract their target online audience but also educate them on how it is completed. They don't believe in providing "secret" recipes for websites to become active. Brandignity is a firm believer that there is no secret to building your business online it just truly comes down to good ole fashion marketing and communication etiquette while utilizing strategies that search engines like to see.

This Boston based search engine marketing company helps businesses take pride in their brand by really pushing their company name to the frontline. They realize that online shoppers are morphing into something much different than they once where years ago and proactive online branding now plays a very important role in any type of search engine marketing effort for a business.

For more info on Brandignity please visit

or feel free to call at 617-279-0027 or email at info ( @ ) brandignity dot com.

PSS Showcases Creative Web Designs on its Design Portfolio

Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, March 29, 2011 – Premium SEO Solutions, an Australian based Company with 10 years worth of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Web Design and Development, has introduced and showcased creative web designs on its Web Design Portfolio.
PSS has recently launched on its Web Design Portfolio a new array of creative and user-friendly web design sites arranged in a thumbnail format from which businesses may choose. These web designs are designed to fit with company's needs as well as functional to the end users. Once the thumbnail image is clicked, a bigger preview of the design will be displayed to let the users closely see the overall design. Below its selection, there's a “Request a Quote” link provided for those clients who want to inquire about its Web Design and Development Services. Clients just have to fill up the free quotation form with their information to find out how much they would have to pay for their needed service.
Premium SEO Solutions believes that a website is in the front line of every business establishment. It is the first thing they will access to get to know a business. It should, therefore, be pleasing to the eyes and should be functional too. People will tend to visit and browse through a website that is uniquely designed and aesthetically appealing. This is because people believe that a website also reflects the kind of services that a business can offer. This is where PSS comes in. It has put together all of its experts; from user experience design specialists to marketing experts to give clients that unique and distinctly relevant website. It provides their clients with both well-designed and functional website.
Web Design is the general layout of a site. The combination of colors, fonts, and graphics add to the general appeal of the website. If these factors are not correctly used, the website might not be maximized. These should be strategically arranged to make the website look professional and convenient to use.
About Premium SEO Solutions:
It is a professional Search Engine Optimization Firm in Australia that provides top of the line search engine optimization service to help website owners get started with their SEO needs.
Company Contact Information

Premium SEO Solutions
Lyka Winnett
81/8 Wallen Rd,
Hawthorn Victoria, Australia, 3122
Phone : (03) 9633 9633

Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts; 8 Suggestions

Google’s so-called “Farmer” algorithm update emphasizes original, unique content for favorable organic search results. Frequently-updated, keyword-optimized, topically-relevant blog posts can provide your ecommerce site with original content, and improve its search engine rankings. I have seen it happen with my own blogging efforts time and again. In fact, I believe blogging is its own form of search engine optimization. And while there is no way to guarantee better SEO results, here are some guidelines that will help.

Update Content Frequently

A question I am routinely asked about blogging is, "How often should I post?" The answer is, "As often as you can." If you are planning to use a blog for marketing and search engine optimization purposes, the more frequently you can update content, the better. Google thrives on fresh content. I recommend a minimum of three to five times per week. And blog posts don't have to be long — 350 words is a good average length.

Think Keywords

Frequency alone will not dramatically help improve search engine rankings. The use of keywords is vital as well. I am not talking about old tricks such as keyword stuffing - search engines are too sophisticated for that. Nor am I suggesting that keywords are all that matter. That is not the case.
The job of search engines is to provide the most relevant returns for a given search. One way they accomplish this task is by attempting to understand the value proposition of a site as a whole — how one page within a site relates to the other. The better they can do that, the better a site will rank. Keywords, used judiciously, are one way to assist the search engines in that process.

8 Suggestions for Relevant Keywords

Here are some suggestions for properly using keywords in a blog post:
1.      One keyword per post. Decide on a list of keywords to use with your site, then choose one particular keyword for each post.
2.      Use keyword early. Include the term in the title and early in the post, if possible. That is to say, use the keyword term early, rather than later.
3.      Repeat keyword. Put the keyword in your opening sentence. Then, depending on the length of the post, use the term again in the body content.
4.      Link the keyword to other content. When possible, hyperlink the term to relevant content. That could either be other posts within the site itself or on other sites.
5.      Include in the URL. Put the keyword in the URL of your blog post. Blog platforms such as WordPress will use the blog post’s title in the URL, so that reinforces the need to get the keyword into the post title.
6.      Include in H1 headers. Put your top few keywords into level 1 headers, known as H1 tags in HTML. Most blog platforms will automatically place the blog title inside an H1 tag. If that is not the case with your particular platform, it may be possible to edit the style sheet to correct the problem.
7.      Use tags and categories. These are not only used for organizing content within a hierarchical — or taxonomic — structure, but are also keywords themselves. Or, at least they can be. When it comes to creating categories and tags, think keywords.
8.      Don't overdo it. If you have the keyword in the post URL, title and body copy a couple of times, that should be sufficient. Avoid keyword stuffing your posts, which could lead to SEO penalties from the search engines.

Get Links

Getting back-links is a long-term search engine optimization staple. That's one of Google's most important criteria in determining how it prioritizes search results. We've addressed legitimate link-building ideas here, most recently at "SEO: 5 Ecommerce Link-Building Ideas." You can also search here for "links for additional articles on link building.
Bloggers tend to be natural linkers. Adding hyperlinks to blog posts goes back to blogging's earliest days when posts were little more than lists of links.
Remember to syndicate blog post content to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's not just a matter of "write it and they will come." You have to get your content out to the places where people gather. These days, that means social networks.
Also, when you write something particularly newsworthy, put out a press release. In the past I have used services like PRWeb to get the word out about a post.

The Example of

My favorite example of how well a blog that maintains solidarity in terms of its topical focus can rank in search returns is Everything from the name of the blog to the name of the blogger — Jay Brewer — has its focus on single serve coffee. Google the term and you will see what I mean. Brewer's site has been the number one return for years.
If you find yourself straying from a single topic, then consider creating another blog (or blogs) to address the others. More than likely, over time you will refine your writing to topics on which you exhibit the greatest passion. Others will fall away by attrition.


The key to successful blogging is to write genuine, helpful, humanized posts, combined with the building of relationships with other bloggers, and with friends, fans and followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the long run, that approach will pay more dividends where SEO is concerned than anything else I know.