Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Users spend longer looking at Google results page than Bing

Search marketers have even more reasons to target Google with their B2B search engine optimization campaigns, as a survey conducted by User Centric indicates that consumers spend more time on Google's search results page than they do on other portals.

According to the research, the average searcher spends 14.7 seconds looking over search results on Google, whereas they spend only 10.7 seconds on Bing. While User Centric notes this is likely because Google has a greater reputation for providing inaccurate results, this also means brands that rank highly will generate more exposure on Google, which is ideal for B2B SEO initiatives.

Firms that use paid search listings will also be pleased to hear that as many as 90 percent of consumers glance at sponsored placements before moving on. "This number was comparable between the two engines and did not differ from what was found in the original study," notes the report.

B2B SEO plans will become more difficult to design over the next few years as more companies look to implement search strategies. Thirty-six percent of companies plan to have search engine plans within the next two years, a Network Solutions study indicates.

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