Saturday, March 26, 2011

Misunderstood SEO Concepts

Search engine optimization is not a straight forward approach and oftentimes requires experience and knowledge in order to get it right. Over the years some key important optimization techniques have been seriously misunderstood and completely butchered. 
Here is a list of common misunderstood SEO concepts that I came up with:

Website Meta Info
You shouldn’t have 100 keywords stuffed into your keyword section of each page of your site. There should be no more than 5-7 keywords in this space strategic to the material on that web page.
Internal Linking
Your web pages should not have more links than content. This is going to cause a horrible user experience and could even cause a penalty if really abused.
Footer Links
Years ago it was a popular measure to stuff many different links into your footer with the hopes of misleading the search engines. If you did it years ago the algorithm might allow it but if you try it with a new website today you might have some troubles on your hands.
Directory Submissions
Directory submissions can generate nice link power when you are listed in strategic niche directories surrounding your area of business. Purchasing a directory submission package promising 1,000 links is not strategic and oftentimes abused.
Article Marketing
Article marketing is all about positioning yourself as an expert in your field by writing a few key pieces of literature. Paying someone overseas to re-write the same article 500 times is not going to help your business in any way.
One Way Linking
If you are a plumbing company and you are seeking out links on a florist directory you have the concept of one way link building all wrong. It is all about creating targeted one way links from either news or niche sources. Completely irrelevant links such as this could actually hurt your search engine optimization efforts.
Content Writing
Yes, content is important but that doesn’t mean that your local dentist practice in Sheboygan, WI needs 2,000 pages of content so that you can dominate the search results. This is an old school approach that really doesn’t work.
If you are going to conduct search engine optimization for your company business you need to be able to get it right. Things are always changing and it is important to roll with the punches so that you don’t find your website on the wrong side of the search engine space.

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