Thursday, March 31, 2011

SENuke X -- SEO Tasks Done the Smart Way

If you want to build backlinks to your website through article marketing and social bookmarking, you’re in luck, because SENuke is a brand new marketing software that will automate the entire process for you, saving you a lot of work. A few clicks with SENuke will save you hours of busy work and give you time to concentrate on other facets of your endeavor. Your productivity can get a big boost when you have such a tool in your hands. Therefore, how can SENuke help you, exactly?

The first striking feature you will notice in SENuke is the ability to create accounts automatically. Yes, you read that right; SENuke is the tool that works mart enough so you can have accounts with all of the best article directories like, the web 2.0 sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo as well as social bookmarkers like Digg and Delicious. SENuke will even get your RSS feed submissions done and set you on track with the video submission venues. Best of all, it’s all going to happen automatically; no huge pile of work for you. It can even enter a registration captcha for you. Usually when creating accounts, you have to enter a captcha that many of these sites make you do, to see if you’re human. SENuke has them handled for you so there’s no delay waiting for you to solve them. When a new account is opened on those sites, an email is sent to you for confirmation and you must click on the link enclosed in the message to verify that it is indeed you opening the account. No, not with SENuke; it does it all for you. The program creates a special email account that it can log into for you and confirm your new account, all with a click of your mouse. After you finish the initial setup, you have to start creating your content so you can submit it. With SENuke’s unique content spinning feature, you don’t have to worry about the content ever again. This means that SENuke will create several different renditions of your original copy through a process called “spinning”, which can also be submitted using the software. SENuke will automatically look at the articles, determine sections that can be spun, and turn one article into many, all without the directories thinking they’re unique. While you should spin your own articles, there are instances where you might not have time; in that case, let SENuke’s automatic spinner create the content you need for you.
As we got to see, SENuke is a superb piece of software that gives really accurate results. SENuke’s effective and exceptional characteristics will let you rule Google’s three initial pages for your selected keywords. You’ve got to have SENuke to save you from the tedium of link building and the wasted time and effort that outdated techniques cost you. However, at $127 each month, it can be pricey to maintain SENuke. Of course, Mother was right when she told you you get what you pay for. With SENuke, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

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