Monday, March 28, 2011

Article Submission Tips for Your Website


Webmasters often optimize their website so that they can do well in the search engine. The onsite elements such as navigation, URL structure, heading and content are very important. If you don’t optimize the onsite elements, you will find that people won’t find your website. Optimizing your site properly allow you to rank for the targeted keywords.

The content should be optimized with keywords that is relevant to the title. The keyword must be repeated 2 – 10 times within the article. You should not repeat the keywords too many times. Repeating the keywords too many times too many times will cause the search engine to flag your site as spam. In the past, many webmasters try to include as many keywords as possible in the websites so that they can rank on the first position. In those days, using a lot of keywords in the content will not incur penalty. In fact, the websites with the most keywords will rank on the top position on the search engines. Nowadays, the rule has changed. You must include keywords in the content but not too much so that the search engine will consider you as a spammer.

To optimize the content, you should include headings. The lower the position of the heading, the smaller the font size will be. The heading tags should not be used excessively. You should only use it when necessary. If too many words in the content is bolded, the visitors will have problem reading the content. The visitor will feel as if you are trying to aim for a keyword and leave your page. It gives the visitors an impression that you are a spammer.

There are a number of beginners that put the whole content of the page into a heading tag. If you put the whole page content into a heading tag, the visitors will find your page odd. Doing so can also cause the search engine to penalize you.

You should not have pages that can be accessed from the subdomains and root directory. It is recommended that you don’t mix www. URL with non www. URLs in the linking structure. You should not use capitalization in the URL. Most websites use lowercase letters for the URL structure. Using capital letter in the linking structure will not help the user to remember better. The capital letter in the URL will cause the users won’t remember the URL format.

If you don’t know how to optimize your website, you should hire a SEO expert. The SEO expert will optimize your website so that it can become more SEO friendly. Many SEO companies also offer off site search engine optimization services. The off site search engine optimization services focus on getting backlinks to your site. Getting backlinks to your site is as important as optimizing the on site elements. Some of the off site optimization services include article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, press release submission and etc. Before hiring a SEO company, make sure you perform shopping comparison so that you can find the right SEO company.
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