Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Mini Guide to SEO for Wholesale Suppliers

Since the economic downturn, many B2B wholesale suppliers have been operating with limited resources. Therefore, they must allocate marketing dollars to the most successful and cost-effective online marketing tactics. While Search Engine Optimization is such a tactic, SEO techniques are changing rapidly and many companies haven’t kept up with the latest changes. That’s why we want to review the latest SEO techniques, providing you with information for gaining better rankings along with more traffic and conversions.

MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report shows that 93 percent of the B2B organizations surveyed (n= 935) indicated SEO is highly effective and yields high-quality leads. Below is a partial list of the top rated SEO techniques used by B2B marketers:
• Keyword research
• On-page content optimization
• Title tag optimization
• Meta description tag optimization
• Develop new SEO-friendly content
• Link building

If you have any doubt of the value of top organic rankings, let’s go over a couple of classic search engine stats and a recent stat about online sales. These stats tell you that most people use search engines when buying online, that online sales are continually on the rise, and that SEO is an important marketing tactic for increasing sales.

• Over 80 percent of users who made an online purchase began with a keyword search (comScore 2004).
• Studies show that 70 percent of all search engine clicks occur on organic rather than sponsored links on the same search results page (Enquiro 2005).
• Online retail spending reached a record $43.4 billion in Q4 2010, up 11 percent from the same period in 2009, and increasing for five consecutive quarters during a recessionary year (comScore 2010).

The remainder of this article will provide tips for the following SEO techniques: keyword research, on-page content optimization, title tag optimization, meta description tag optimization, new SEO-friendly content development and link building.
 Source http://www.toptenwholesale.com/

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