Thursday, March 24, 2011

AboutUs Announces 'Site Report': Affordable SEO for Small Business

PORTLAND, Ore., March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AboutUs Inc., an Internet company located in Portland, Oregon, has launched a new, affordable service for small business owners seeking to become more visible on the Web.
What is the Site Report?
The AboutUs Site Report offers clear guidance and specific tips for making any website more visible to search engines – and the people who use them.
A Site Report customer can look at the most important elements for online visibility on up to 50 pages of any website. For $9.95 per month, a customer can run the report as many times as they like, deleting some pages and adding others from the same website.
The AboutUs Site Report is the first professional-grade search engine optimization (SEO) tool designed expressly for small business people and website owners who are new to SEO concepts and terminology.
" gathers many different pieces of important information about a website – and we do it for millions of sites, all for free," said Ray King, founder and CEO of AboutUs. "Now, for a very low cost, anyone can get even deeper insight into the SEO of any site. People who use have been telling us this is exactly what they're looking for, and we're proud to deliver it. "
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization is a set of practices for getting web pages to rank well in search engine results for a specific query. Getting a site to rank well is a major strategy for getting more people to come to one's website, and for gaining new customers.
The AboutUs Site Report offers clear guidance for improving every website element included in the report. Easy-to-understand text and images also provide an overview of basic SEO principles.
The AboutUs Site Report reveals:
1.                               How well a site has optimized its page elements, including the page title, its meta description, major headings and image descriptions. These are the most important on-page factors for SEO and increasing site traffic.
2.                               Whether a website allows search engines to visit its pages and add them to their indexes. A web page must be in a search engine's index in order to appear in any of its search results.
3.                               Whether a website resides at more than one location on the Web. Multiple locations can interfere with SEO.
4.                               Which other websites a site links to, so website owners can catch any mischievous hacking and make sure outbound links are still live and relevant.  

"There are a few truly great SEO tools on the market for large companies and professional search marketers," said Martin Laetsch, chief strategy officer at AboutUs. "But frankly, there haven't been many professional-grade SEO tools available for small business. The AboutUs Site Report addresses this gap in the market. We use the same rules and follow the same best practices as top-notch search marketers, but we go much deeper into explaining what's working, what's wrong, and especially, why it matters."
AboutUs has long been a resource for business owners seeking to make their websites more visible to the customers they most want to reach. Kate Ford, an entrepreneur in the mortgage industry, put the AboutUs Site Report through its paces.
"Your Site Report put my website through the Goldilocks test. It reported back which of my existing elements were too hot (web description), too cold, (page headline) and the ones that were just right! In addition, the report offered easy solutions in plain English. The Site Report is simple to use and quick, a good addition to the tool kit of anyone who understands the importance of ranking higher in search engines."
The Site Report is available at
About AboutUs Inc.
AboutUs, founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon, has created and maintains the world's largest editable index of websites. The company combines massive data-gathering capabilities with wiki technology to provide an easy-to-edit page about each of millions of websites. Any website owner can list his or her site for free, offering the information they think is most important to prospective site visitors and customers.
Educational resources at offer website owners accurate advice about Internet marketing and search engine optimization, written in jargon-free language. With three million unique visitors per month, is one of the most visited sites on the World Wide Web.
For more information, visit

Aliza Earnshaw, 503-488-5763, ext. 126

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