Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Most People Fail At Making Money From Blogs

Guest post by Kaiser Mangampo

Everyone loves making money. Some people love blogging but only few of them are making money from it.

Most of the newcomers to blogging want the “magic pill”. They ask: ‘Tell me how to make money blogging’, but what they are really asking is this: ‘Tell me how to make money from blogging really fast with little to no effort put in it’. Doesn’t that sound unrealistic? But that’s the way most people think in our society.

Blogging is a steady growing process, a steady growing skill. The golden-profit era from AdSense is long gone, there is lots of competition in virtually any niche and there are hundreds of people who copy your content and get away with it; even make money from it. Face it - chances of you earning money from a blog are quite slim if you don’t want to invest your time in it.

It’s not your fault that you want instant gratification, instant profits and instant talent in writing. It’s our modern society on its finest – stimulation without any investment other than money; stimulation that comes easy and with little thought applied, these are things people seek for, these are the things that the people are taught to seek for. People were taught that it’s the way stuff works since the time when they were still lying in their cradles and wondering about the color of the ceiling!

Humans in our capitalism society are taught that you can and should receive instant stimulation right away; there is no need for long-term actions, for long-term thinking and changes. Take a look at any popular magazine. What does it offer to its readers? Of course – instant stimulation, instant pleasure – funny pictures, beautiful people, landscapes and other things that don’t require much thought.

The way it relates to blogging is simple – most of the bloggers I know aren’t willing to work hard to succeed. They’re not lazy. They just were taught from birth that they don’t need to apply much work to achieve their goals. That’s what’s sickening about our society – no one thinks ahead. But you should. That’s the way it works. You go out there, find a niche, write on it, attract readers and only then you gain considerable revenues. The time it takes for your blog to stand out may vary, don’t expect results right away, but you’ll see slow, gradual progress, which is exactly what blogging is about.