Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recycled Glass Products Company Partners With Smart Marketer

TryCycle Glass and Smart Marketer have joined together to further the goals of the glass recycling company. An increase in online sales and exposure is the purpose of the liaison.
PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 09, 2011 – Atlanta, GA, 9-APRIL-2011 - Smart Marketer, Atlanta SEO business and TryCycle, recycled glass company, are pleased to announce a partnership of efforts in order to improve the market performance of the environmentally friendly company that manufactures attractive green tinted glassware. When a recycled glass products company partners with Smart Marketer, a spokesperson for the SEO business says "we love what TryCycle is doing and are very excited about working with them to improve their online marketing efforts."

Glass is infinitely recyclable. The recycling process gives the products from TryCycle an attractive green hue to further reinforce the concept of "green" products. The attractive drinkware, serving pieces, decorative accent items and jars add elegance and visual appeal regardless of where they are used. TryCycle Glass was signed as a client in order to overhaul their Internet marketing activities.
Smart Marketer Company offers expertise to further the optimization of websites through techniques of marketing. By making maximum use of online exposure, the market should grow exponentially. As authorities in search engine optimization, Smart Marketer brings expertise in marketing to the field of eco products.
Learn more about both companies and how their joint efforts are bring environmental consciousness to the Atlanta community by checking out the web pages at or today. Members of the press and others who look for additional details regarding recycled glass or about this specific press release should contact the individual listed below.
Contact Person Name: Laura Johnston
Company Name: TryCycle Glass
Address: 2390 Idlywild Drive, Wrightsville, GA 31096
Contact Telephone Number: (404) 437-6946
Website: or

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