Friday, April 15, 2011

"identity" two phones Windows of Nokia

Editor's famous Eldar Murtazin site Mobile Review has announced that owns significant information about the two Windows smartphones Phones Nokia's first named W7 and W8.
  Eldar Murtazin said he was aware of the planned production run Windows smartphone of Nokia phones now and have your hands on a real prototype. Accordingly, the two first smartphone running Windows Phones that phone manufacturers are developing Finnish titled W7 and W8, which looks like HTC W7 Mozart and configuration similar to the recently released X7, in Meanwhile W8 is a variant of the N8.
According to Eldar, both Windows smartphone prototype phones were used above Qualcomm at the request of Microsoft.
Currently, the W7 model is being used for development purposes and would likely be the first smartphone running on Windows phones marketed by Nokia. Equipped with 8 dots camera support autofocus and flash.
Eldar said that Nokia have dozens of devices Windows Phone was developed and planned to hit the market in 2012.  

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