Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dell quietly "death" Windows 7 Tablet

The tablet PC's Windows 7 10-inch Dell likely will not be launched later this year as planned. Instead, Dell will focus on developing a tablet form using the Windows operating system 8 and will release in 2012.
A source close to Dell unveiled the Dell site Electronista abandoned that project board computers Windows 7, so this product will not be present on the market later this year as planned. Decided to remove the tablet capital for enterprise customers to see Dell is not so optimistic on the iPad or compete with other Tablet PCs.
Dell is thought to have developed a concentrated tablet form Windows 8. However, this product can not be launched until 2012. Currently, the Windows operating system 8 is still in development stage his third and likely the beta version will be available later this year.
Microsoft Windows 7 efforts to become a rival to the path of the iPad, but in the business customer segment, operating systems and consumer equipment manufacturers rather lukewarm welcome because many people of them have seen the Android 3.0 as a more attractive choice. The disadvantages of Windows 7 as the lack of ability to optimize real touch, short battery time on current hardware and high prices caused computer makers remove the tablet of their Windows.
For example, the HP had to silently "death" model Slate 500 HP Tablet PCs running Windows 7 operating system which was expected to challenge iPad tablet to focus on developing a world first aimed at business customers and TouchPad board computers using their platform webOS.

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