Thursday, April 7, 2011

SEO Company Launched Online Client Videos

Boulder, CO - Master Google, an SEO company, is filming some of its customers as they describe their experiences with the firm. These videos has been placed on Master Google's website's testimonials page as well as on YouTube.

"Many of our clients have been thrilled with the results our SEO services have gotten for businesses," observes Ali Husayni, an SEO expert and CEO of Master Google. "We are looking for ways to get out the word and the best way is straight from the horse's mouth."

Among the clients who will be filmed will be: Peter and Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, of, the site for her orthodontics practice in Minneapolis; Chris Metcalfe, from, a website that offers services for physical therapists; and Robin Bingeman from Cryoserver, a provider of email archiving software.
These clients will describe how they found Master Google, how the SEO Google company has provided different services, the ways in which the company has optimized their websites, and what they like about working with Master Google.
 "The videos will demonstrate the work we've recently performed for some of our clients," notes Husayni, "and will show prospective clients what we can do."

Master Google's clients have found its Google ranking services to be indispensable in marketing their companies. Many clients have seen an enormous jump in their website’s Google rank - and have acquired significant quantities of new business.

Famous for its "Top of Google Guaranteed" package, Master Google promises its search engine optimization will help a client’s website achieve the top five sites listed on Google when a user searches on that company’s main keywords. If Master Google can't get its client's site to the top five within a few months, the client’s fees would be refunded.

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To learn more about Master Google's Top of Google service, visit: Alternatively, you can call the company's toll free phone support service at 1-877-932-6559 or call internationally at 1-303-932-6559 with any questions or to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Ali Husayni.


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