Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AUDI Q3: Hello BMW X1

Audi has released images and information about Q3, the car would compete with the BMW X1. (AP) - The wait is finally over. Audi has released images and information about Q3, the car would compete with the BMW X1.
Was developed on the platforms of the Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi Q3 4.39 m long, 1.83 m wide and 1.6 m high (including the cargo rails on the roof), which is 240mm shorter, narrower 50mm and 53mm lower than the "elder" Q5.
Q3-style vehicle with bold exterior design of the stamp Cross Coupe Quattro Concept model that Audi launched in 2007, also at the Shanghai Motor Show. However, the Q3 hood has some changes compared with the concept. Front headlight design is more powerful and lasting, and sports styling. This design also applies to fog lamps in the chamber below the shock resistance.
Compared with Q5, this SUV has compact design and sharp nose sharper, steep sloping roof lines claw to tail, creating a more dynamic appearance.
Inside, the space vehicle ownership Q3 furniture typical of Audi, with clear lines and compact design, definitely. Luggage compartment capacity of 460th liters, 1365 liters may be increased if the rear seat folded down.
Equipped with standard facilities and options on the car notably including interior lighting systems around with LED lights, panoramic sunroof, sports seats, steering wheel leather-wrapped three-spoke ...
Audi Q3 hit the market initially with two petrol engines and one TDI diesel. Diesel engine version will be released next Monday. Both 4 4-cylinder engine has a capacity of 2.0L.

2.0 TFSI petrol engine with two versions: a capacity of 170 horsepower and 211 horsepower. With 211 horsepower engine, the car Q3 capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 230 km / h.
2.0 TDI diesel with immediate maximum capacity of 177 horsepower, the back will have a capacity of 140 horsepower. Combined with front-drive system, the 140 horsepower for Q3 vehicle fuel consumption average of less than 5.2 lit/100km.
Two TFSI gasoline engines and TDI engines of 177 horse power capacity system will go with the 4WD quattro AWD. Copyright TDI TFSI 140 hp and 170 hp version to go with 6-speed manual box, while the capacity of TDI and TFSI 177 kW capacity of 211 horsepower to go with semi-automatic gearbox S tronic seven levels.
Audi said it tried to force balance for Q3 by using a combination of materials. For example, the engine compartment lid and back door is made of aluminum, while the luggage compartment made ​​of super-hard steel.
In Europe, Q3 is on the car market in June next, with the standard price in Germany is 29,900 euros, equivalent to $ 43,300 at the exchange rate on 12 / 4. Audi has not announced plans to introduce this model with the North American market.

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