Friday, April 15, 2011

WIDSIX Launches Offering Brand Development, Web Design and SEO Promotion for Professional Athletes

Phoenix, AZ ( ) April 14, 2011 –, along with parent company, has developed relationships with companies and professional athletes from various sports; offering clients (corporate and individual athletes) in the sports industry a great opportunity to help them create a brand, an online presence. A great website is a vital piece in creating an overall brand; giving sponsors, investors, and fans an opportunity to connect on a more personal level. In addition to that, athletes can promote their sponsors throughout the site, in video edits, blogging, social media outlets, and more, giving them a unique leverage in obtaining future sponsorship deals.

WIDSIX Services Include, but not limited to:

- Graphic Design - Logos, banners, posters, biz cards, etc
- Website Design - Web Steez is a MUST for pro athletes these days
- Video Production and Editing - Video Marketing and Viral Videos are a must for pro athletes
- Online Marketing - all the traditional nerd stuff for online marketing: link building, press release management, etc
- Search Engine Optimization - Being found by your fans and people in the industry is a MUST. A website is nothing unless people find you.
- Social Media Marketing - Dial in your social media accounts, link them all up to one account, and make it super easy to spread your news.
- Mobile Phone App Development - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows... apps for all phone types.

In Celebration of the website launch, WIDSIX is offering deep discounts on website design packages. Pro Athletes like SUP Athlete Candice Appleby (, Pro Cyclist Mike Midlarsky, Pro Cyclist Ian Burnett, Pro Skier Ashley Maxfield have all taken advantage of the promotion and signed on with WIDSIX and are on their way to dialing in their digital brand.

WIDSIX values the art of collaboration and enjoys working with industry leaders on their marketing campaigns. WIDSIX is proud to be working with various corporate partners on projects as well, launching with involvement in exciting new projects with actions sports industry heavyweights like GoPro, Marzocchi Suspension, Intense Cycles, Shimano, Discrete Headwear, Flylow Gear, and more.

When developing the concept of a youth program that targeted young DH racers to step up and become the heroes of this generation of the MTB world, the Marzocchi GoPro DH Team knew they needed a killer web presence and online marketing campaign. Marzocchi GoPro knew exactly who to go to for a project like this and recruited, a company that is in the Athlete Digital Branding Industry. When approached about the concept, Roope, President of, was immediately on board. “When the Marzocchi GoPro DH team approached us about being involved in this project, we were STOKED! There is a huge lack of kids in the industry. DH has become a rich 30 year old’s sport and this is a huge step in bringing the youth back into the forefront. The youth are the future!” For more information about this program, please visit:

WIDSIX was also the driving force behind ColdAsIce.TV, a website that follows the antics of 3 female professional skiers (Grete Eliassen –, Keri Herman and Meg Olenick). The Cold As Ice TV project, with title sponsors and GoPro HD Cameras, and gear sponsors Discrete Headwear ( and Flylow Gear (, helps promote the female pro skiers and sponsors involved, as well as, promoting outdoors activities to young females and encouraging participation in outdoor sports. At WIDSIX, the driving force behind projects is not financial; the main goal is to have a positive effect on the global sports industry, one market and one sport at a time. When asked about working with WIDSIX on projects, Julian Carr, Founder of Discrete Headwear, said, “Discrete is happy to partner because they support athletes that like to experience the mountains and share with everyone via the digital medium! Let’s tell some stories!”

For more information on branding for pro athletes, digital brand development and management, athlete logo design, custom web design for pro athletes, visit:


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