Friday, April 15, 2011

DeclareMedia's Local Online Directory has a Placement for Real Estate Developers

DeclareMedia has a new online internet directory for real estate developers to get more business by creating a simple free listing. With a free listing they have nothing to lose. They can also get their business to be featured on the homepage for only $20/month. This can help bring even more traffic to their site.
Businesses are trying to figure out how to get ahead of competition by using the internet. DeclareMedia has created a new way to make it easy for real estate developers by using multiple online directories so they can get more traffic and lead flow. Anyone who searches on Yahoo or Google for a Colorado Real Estate Developer, DeclareMedia’s got a directory for them. If someone is in search for a Texas Real Estate Developer, they’ve got a directory for that as well. DeclareMedia has over hundreds of directories ready to help businesses all over the U.S. get more clients by using the internet.
Real Estate Developers do everything from buying land, build or have builders build projects, create, and control the process of each development from start to finish. They have the mindset of what each project will look like and feature before it’s even built. So many buildings we see around major cities have been created by real estate developers. Local real estate developers are creating new buildings and ideas every day to keep up with the growing trends.
A free listing only takes 2-3 minutes to create and real estate developers have nothing to lose. However, with a featured placement listing takes just a minute longer, and real estate developers can gain even more traffic and lead flow for their business due to the prominent placement on the homepage of the online directory. DeclareMedia has figured out a new way for businesses to get good rankings by using their multiple online directories on search engines. This ends up helping businesses with their search engine optimization efforts.
DeclareMedia wants to get even more Real Estate Developer Directories in the next few weeks to use their services.
About DeclareMedia: DeclareMedia has over 3,000 online, multiple directories covering hundreds of business categories ready for companies to get a free listing. There’s now a new way for businesses to list their business and even better, customers to find the service they need. Since the directories rank well in search engines, they help local businesses take advantage of the web to reach customers in their local area. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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