Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ad Tech 2011 Panel On SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now, it's 12:11 PM, and this Ad Tech 2011 Convention Panel is about that ever-changing field of SEO or Seach Engine Optimization. (A panel just before Guy Kawasaki's talk about "The Art Of Engagement.)
The panel speakers are Melanie Mitchell, Senior VP, Search Strategy Digitas, and presenters Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank, Rob Snell, Managing Partner Snell Brothers Consulting (who talks about "Redneck SEO" ....Geez, but it's actually a pretty good and funny presentation), and Simon Heseltine, Director, AOL.
Yeah, that AOL that purchased The Huffington Post. Cool that AOL is in the house.
What's interesting about the panel is that marketers, and digital marketers are in this room, but the people who really need to be here, but are not, are journalists and Old Media publishers.
Everything that's being talked about here: basically how to use search and make a website to make sure people find your product - is relevant to an industry that's suffering in this area and is under the weird idea that paywalls will save them.
Some interesting notes:
1) the SERP - search results - have changed, and because there's so much more kinds of data that's presented.
2) SEO is now combined with Social Media Optimization (SEO).
3) A lot of people invest in SEO, and marketers get the benefit.
4) Panel preaches what I've said again and again: you have to be multi-platform: on blogs, video, micro-blogging platforms, photo-sharing platforms, and so on. I call it "dropping the nuke." Just make sure the nuke, your content and the platforms, is large enough to really be a nuke.
5) Make sure your training your people in this stuff.
The basic message is "optimize content." What's content? Well, if you're a writer, you should know: you make it.

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