Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Discount Hauling Services, a trash removal and property maintenance company based in Aurora, Colorado, and serving the greater Denver area, recently employed Prospect Genius, a leader in local Internet advertising, to help residents who are looking for help with landscaping, construction demolition, and junk removal in Aurora and the surrounding region. Prospect Genius provides a program called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that makes it easier for customers in Denver and Aurora to find Discount Hauling Services when they search online for local junk removal and handyman services.

Pamela Wright, co-owner of Discount Hauling Services, chose to hire Prospect Genius for SEO in order to better serve local home and business owners in Aurora and in Denver. SEO simplifies the online search process when area residents look on the Web for garbage removal or handyman services in Denver using search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, or Google. Prospect Genius uses SEO to increase the online presence of Discount Hauling Services, which means that local clients don't have to spend extensive time or energy trying to find a company in Aurora or the surrounding region when they need help with anything from furniture disposal to garden landscaping. Wright says, "I am committed to serving our customers by connecting with them better online, so I hired Prospect Genius for SEO to make sure that the people who need trash haulers or property maintenance services in the greater Denver area can find Discount Hauling Services on the Web without difficulty."

Prospect Genius's SEO program functions by making Discount Hauling Services more prominent in Internet searches for junk removal, demolition contractors, or landscaping services in Denver. With SEO in place, area residents can use Google, Yahoo!, or any search engine of their choice to find the trash hauling and property maintenance professionals at Discount Hauling Services quickly, easily, and without hassle.

Matt Gallo, a senior online advertising specialist at Prospect Genius, states, "PG's team of marketers is invested in connecting customers in Denver and Aurora who need gutter contractors, garden landscape experts, or appliance disposal help with the professionals at Discount Hauling Services. With the help of SEO, customers in Denver can find the help they need faster and more easily than ever before."

Studies show that the higher a company ranks on search engine results pages, the more online traffic that company gets. This means that in addition to helping customers in Denver and Aurora, SEO also helps Discount Hauling Services from a business perspective since, as all local business owners know, increased visibility and accessibility are key to success. As a junk remover and property upkeep company in Aurora, Discount Hauling Services chose to hire Prospect Genius for the effective Web marketing service it provides. Through SEO, Prospect Genius helps this local junk hauling and handyman service move up in search results and better reach clients in the Denver region. As Gallo says, "Our role is to make it as simple as possible for folks in Denver and Aurora who need a junk hauling or property maintenance professional to find Discount Hauling Services on the Web."

Discount Hauling Services offers junk removal services, landscape maintenance, and handyman services to residents and business owners in Aurora, Colorado, and throughout the greater Denver area.

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