Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lenovo will manufacture computer tablet "giant"

Page TechRadar technology has cited sources said senior marketing specialist William Cai Lenovo has revealed it is developing a tablet PC with LCD screen sizes up to 23 inches.
"We think there is potential for a tablet computer 23 inch screen, " said William Cai TechRadar page "We are trying to increase battery life and reduce the weight down low. "
He said that the product can not really maneuver, but the user can move equipment from room to room, using the keyboard, left, or as a television. Alternatively, users can also put it on the table to use as a home game machine.
New design is inspired by the Lenovo desktop model "all-in-one at the airline.
 Lenovo plans to release  tablet types  of "Giant " at the end of this year.
  This idea of Lenovo is quite similar to Microsoft's Surface product.
30-inch display with touchscreen enables more people to use Microsoft Surface was first introduced in 2007, with prices ranging from 5,000 to 10,000. However, since its launch in 2007, Surface to undergo several steps to improve, and according to Microsoft, the product will officially be sold this year, 2011.
People believe that "super" Lenovo's Tablet PCs is the upgrade from the Microsoft Surface. In addition to practical ideas rather use a tablet PC as a television or a personal computer alone, that's technology assessment, 23-inch size is too large to make the work for a computer table.  

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