Monday, April 18, 2011

HTC will release a "super food" device 16 "dots"?

According to a new short video ads leaked, HTC is preparing to launch a smartphone with integrated 16 megapixel camera and runs on the Windows operating system Phone 7. Camera phone equipped with "terrorist" will double the number of pixels of the device has the highest resolution of HTC. HTC phones equipped with cameras highest current stop at 8 megapixels. Phone models appear in the video looks a lot like advertising Desire S, smartphone running Android was released recently, except the buttons. Besides the camera resolution with the assistance of two LED flash, the specifications and features of the phone has not been disclosed. Currently, Alteck camera manufacturers are still No. 1 on the smartphone is the highest resolution with the Altek Leo 14 "dot" of the firm. Other technology companies such as Sony Ericsson is trying to reduce the importance of indicators to be beneficial for megapixel image quality overall.

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