Friday, April 15, 2011

Accountants use DeclareMedia to Heighten Business

DeclareMedia is a new local internet directory that helps accountants post their business online to assist those in need. As an internet directory service center, it provides free listings to accountants. To provide more advertisement there is an option for only $20.00 per month to get a featured listing on their homepage. This is a great option that will help bring in a lot more traffic that leads to their site to bring in more clients.
Using the internet nowadays is a great way for advertising, due to the available amount of resources and information that one can get. Therefore accountants are trying to get the most effective resource to bring in the most clients to their business. To make it easier for accountants, DeclareMedia is an online multiple directory to assist those in search for an accountant. So if one used a search engine like Google or Yahoo for Colorado Accountants, DeclareMedia has a directory for it. DeclareMedia also has a directory for someone who wanted to find New York Accountants as well. DeclareMedia has more than 100 directories that help accountants bring in more clients.
 Financial obligations are part of our everyday life and is critical to know where someone is financially. Whether it is a tax return preparation, book consulting, audits, retirement, estates, and an accountant can help. They can provide the necessary financial information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others make decisions about allocating resources.
Ben Martin, VP Product Development for DeclareMedia said, “DeclareMedia’s solution is unique in a way that it is easy to use, and works well when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).” DeclarMedia has figured out a new way to obtain good rankings with search engines. High rankings help accountants with search engine optimization efforts. As an online directory makes more traffic flow to businesses, there is nothing to lose when it comes to a free listing. Although the listing is free, space is limited so businesses will need to decide quickly. The listing just takes only a few minutes to make.
DeclareMedia plans to launch more Accounting Directories in the next few weeks
DeclareMedia: DeclareMedia plans on managing thousands of online multiple directories that cover more than hundred business categories. DeclareMedia is a simple solution for businesses to provide services to customers. This is a plus for businesses to take advantage of online directories, for they rank high in search engines. Helping businesses use DeclareMedia as a resourceful tool bring in more clients. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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