Friday, April 8, 2011

DeclareMedia's Local Internet Directories for Flooring Companies

DeclareMedia is ready to help hundreds of local businesses just like flooring companies by listing them on their new online internet directory. They can either get a free listing or for just $20 per month they can get a featured placement listing right on the homepage. That way, they can get even more traffic to their website. 
Today, businesses are trying to figure out a way to maximize marketing dollars and get ahead of their competition using the internet. DeclareMedia makes it easy for local flooring companies with their multiple directories so they can get more business. Anyone that searches on Yahoo or Google for Arizona Flooring, they’ve got a directory for that. If someone wants to find Maine Flooring, DeclareMedia’s got a directory for that as well. They have hundreds of directories available to start helping flooring companies get the clients they need over the web.
Whether people want tile, carpet, wood or linoleum flooring, it’s nice to have a professional flooring company that can get the job done. Not only do flooring companies know how to do basic flooring, they can also create a design that will fit the look you want. Flooring can be a tedious task when people do it themselves. It would be nice to find local flooring companies that can do the job for them. Especially a flooring company that they know will do a good job.
DeclareMedia has a way to get good rankings for their online directories on search engines, which ends up helping customers with search engine optimization. Listing flooring companies is easy, and works well when it comes to SEO efforts. A featured placement listing for only $20 per month can help wedding photography companies get more traffic and lead flow due to the prominent placement on the homepage of the directory. It only takes 2 minutes to create a free listing. If businesses want a featured placement listing, that just takes a minute longer.
DeclareMedia plans to get more Flooring Company directories in the next few weeks.
About DeclareMedia: With the ability to manage over thousands of online directories covering over 100 business categories, DeclareMedia has made a new way for both businesses and customers to get what each of them need. It’s even more convenient for businesses to list their website for a low cost or for free. Clients also have an easier way to find websites. Local web directories rank well in search engines and help 

businesses take advantage of the web to reach customers in their area. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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