Monday, April 4, 2011

Content Mania Latest Tech Software Proves To Be Traffic Pulling Goldmine

These days, Search Engine Optimization and Google algorithms are based far more on CONTEXT and SEMANTICS rather than just specific keywords, phrases and density.

EMAILWIRE.COM, April 03, 2011 ) Ann Arbor, MI - Content Mania will help take the affiliate marketer’s article writing to an entirely new level, focused on higher Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Content Mania will turn Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and press releases into a traffic pulling goldmine by rewriting multiple versions of the same content.

Affiliate Marketers will feel not only unique and confident using Content Mania, but they will see their results are dead on target for their niche markets.

Higher Relevance Less Duplication Better Ranking

While great strides have been made in AI and Linguistics, nothing yet has been developed that can compete with the human brain. Compounding the issues around the quality of spinners and content writers is that they all focus on individual words and sentences and how they appear to a human reader. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
In order to compete in SERPS effectively, affiliates marketers and online business owners need to understand how their article and press release content appears to the search engine “crawlers” in terms of its overall context. This process is partially based on the concept of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), in which higher keyword densities are actually penalized during the indexing process.

However, this same process allows their content to rank well even for keywords not used, because its relevance is again, based on overall context.

The Content Mania software operates under the LSA concept. Using the original article as a benchmark, as it is rewritten, it is automatically scored on two key factors: Contextual Relevance and Syntactical Variation. The side-by-side visual comparison of the original content documents, along with the built-in reference tool (The Content Mania Software) enables the re-writer to quickly and easily re-write any content for both quality and ranking.

How to Purchase Content Mania

Well, over here at Incansoft, we believe that quality software should be affordable for everyone, so for a limited time, you can purchase Content Mania at a significant discount for just $24.95 by clicking this website:

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