Friday, August 21, 2009

Bag Boy Revolver Golf Bag

By George Statos

If you have been taking a look at the Bag Boy Revolver golf bag and looking at it further you find that it looks familiar, it's because this bag is like the one used by the players the company sponsors on the PGA Tour. As such, being that it is used by such professional athletes it has been designed and tested to suit the needs of the most demanding golfers out there.

Are you a features person. The kind of person who likes a lot of pockets and dividers. If so, this bag is for you. The Revolver golf bag features a curved top with a five-way divider that makes access and organization of clubs a breeze. The PU synthetic outers shell is durable and can take any punishment a golfer can offer, with plenty of pockets to store the kind of gear needed to play 72 holes over four days.

In addition, there are number of elements designed to make life easier for the Tour players (or really, the caddies who are carrying the bags) that are in this model as well. The balance handle, for example, is angled to automatically balance the load when the bag is picked up. The molded contour shoulder strap also aids in the carrying process.

Picking up a fully-loaded Bag Boy Revolver golf bag isn't going to cause anyone to stumble over uneven weight. The rain hood with Quick Snap attachment is light but large, protecting valuable clubs from the elements, and the hydro sleeve offers a hydration pocket on both sides of the bag.

The Bag Boy Revolver golf bag is durable and functional enough to be a good choice for any serious golfer looking for an impressive golf bag that's easy to carry and has enough space of all of their golf gear.

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