Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Advice On How To Prepare For A Tattoo

By Frederick Michaels McKinnon

More and more people across the world are getting tattoos. They are almost tribal as they are a way for like-minded people to express their feelings. For example, their love of a football team, film or band.

Tattoos take many forms, from a simple Mum or Dad on your arm, to full body art. Many people find that tattoos are addictive and so go on to have more and more as time passes. Take David Beckham as an example, he started with his children's names tattooed on his arms, but now has tattoos on his legs, back, arms and torso.

Tattoos are often done in symbols such as ancient languages or Chinese characters. It is important to do some research before deciding on what you want and to make sure that the symbols say what you think they say. Lots of Chinese symbols have different meanings and the slightest change can make them read completely differently. You wouldn't want to find out a year after you had one done that the artwork on your arm that you thought said David, leader of men actually says Prawn curry with Vietnamese rice. It has been known to happen so its well worth doing the homework.

Another important factor is to choose your tattoo artist carefully. A few years ago there was a girl that wanted to get Angel tattooed over her back. The lettering was beautiful, very carefully done and looked very nice, apart from one small thing, the girl had ended up with Angle across her back instead of Angel as she had not picked up on the error in the tattooist preparation notes.

So what do we learn from this? Well, for one thing you should always check that your tattooist isn't dyslexic as fixing mistakes (if they can be fixed at all) can be very expensive and difficult.

All good tattoo shops will have a portfolio of their previous work for you to look through. This will give you some ideas if you really want a tattoo but are unsure what it is that you want to have. I would suggest that you start small and work your way up to bigger more elaborate designs as it will give you the opportunity to get used to the design on your body without the possibility of you regretting decision in the future.

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